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Dance Company Companies in Eagle COM2D Company Program

Do you find yourself dancing everywhere you go; even when you are not in the studio? 
Do you want to dance more than a couple hours a week because your love for dancing is so strong? 
The MORE2Dance Company Program is the answer for you! 

The M2D Company program is for dancers who want more intensive training and have a stronger desire, interest, and ability in dance. This group of dancers shares a love and passion for all things dance.

This program is for dancers who want a more intensive training, who have a strong desire and interest in dance. This group loves being together, encouraging each other and dancing together. These young dancers help encourage and act as role models to recreational kids in our studio.  

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and rhythm technique will be taught and emphasis will be on correct placement, posture and more advanced movement.

Fun, unique teaching techniques will be implemented to help ignite more passion while striving for technical accuracy in our Company Program.


What Does It Mean to Be a Company Member at M2D?

Being a Company Dance member at M2D is a commitment of oneself, an understanding that we are all striving for technical accuracy interwoven with the freedom of expression across the spectrum of styles but primarily focusing on Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz.

The training is therefore tailored to the individual, as we “fill your cups with “water” (technical information and corrections), we expect you to consume the “water,” and return with an empty cup, for the cycle to continue! The speed in which we all disgust the water/correction is unique to ourselves therefore our growth will display in many different ways and at different times… so don’t ever be discouraged.

It’s important not to compare yourself with others... you are beautiful and unique, you can’t be anyone else and we don’t want you to be! With hard work and determination, you will see your growth, just keep striving! Your race is with yourself!

It’s hard as dancers to maintain confidence as we are continuously being told “we’re doing it wrong”, the secret is... listen to your instructors, we are the experts and have endless knowledge pour into you. Trust us. We are on your side, we want you to succeed, we want you to shine, so accept corrections with enthusiasm, after all it’s all information to help you achieve your goals!

Stay present, company training is intense, you should never stop trying to grow and improve, we all have things we need to work on... soak up every correction you see, whether it’s directed at you or not!

The studio is a safe place to express ourselves, know that, as unique beings we have our own comfort zones, stepping out of that can be challenging, support one another, be patient and encouraging, we are a Company!


What does Company mean? By definition, Company means…

Truly get to know one another, you are a part of the MORE2Dance Family, know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and encourage each other through them! Lift each other up, build our Company, spread the love! Invite people into our ever growing family and shut out anything that doesn’t serve you as a family!

Let’s create the Company we want, it’s down to each and every one of us!

– Hannah Carter, Artistic Director