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Our Team 


M2D's team of industry professionals provides top-notch dance instruction in a warm and supportive environment. Our faculty ignites every dancer’s potential - whether they are dancing for fun and exercise, or are considering a career in the dance industry.

Each instructor brings with them a passion to teach, the ability to help every student progress in their technique, and loads of positive energy!

Samantha Tino

Introducing Ms. Samantha Tino, the heart and soul behind the magic at MORE2Dance! With an unwavering commitment to community, fitness, and the sheer joy of dancing, Ms. Samantha stands as a beacon of excellence as the studio owner.

Nestled in the picturesque haven of Eagle, Ms. Samantha has found her calling. Her deep-rooted belief in giving back to the community let her to create a studio where every soul thrives. With a passionate teaching stagg and a atmosphere that exudes love, her studio becomes a haven a creativity and growth. 

Ms. Samantha's journey spans over two decades of corporate wisdom in sales and marketing, endowing her with unparelleled professionalism and organizational finesse. Dance parents adore her for these traits as they collaborate harmoniously. 

While dancing has always held a speical place in her heart, Ms. Samantha's role as a dedicated dance mom allowed her to deeply connect with the dance community. Her fresh approach to studio ownership prioritizes the sacred balance between family, academics, and the dance, nurturing a harmonious dance-life equilibrium. 

As a mother of three, Ms. Samantha's passion for fitness is palpable. She finds joy in staying active, whipping up delectable dishes, and reveling in live music. Above all, her heart beats to the rhythm of MORE2Dance, where she orchestrates a symphony of movement, laughter, and community spirit. 

Dana Hedrick 

Meet the radiant Ms. Dana Hedric, the embodiment of joy, kindness, and professionalism at MORE2Dance! With an innate attention to detail and a heartwarming welcome, she weaves an aura of warmth around our dancers and their families. A brilliant communicator and a true team player, Ms. Dana is the soul of our dance studio. 

From the breathtaking Vail Valley, Ms. Dana's roots are deeply embedded in the picturesque haven. Her boundless can-do attitude, couple with a rich 15-year tenure in the service industru, radiates an irresistible charm that enriches the MORE2Dance experience. As a fantastic team player, Dana's collaborative spirit uplifts every facet of our studio. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her warm demeanor, creates an environment where dancers thrive and families find a second home. 

Dana is a beacon of positivity, fostering growth, connection, and the pure joy of movement. Join us in celbrating Ms. Dana;s unwavering dedication to making MORE2Dance the vibrant, nurturing haven it is today! 

Colleen Teska

Alow us to introduce Ms. Colleen, a true dynamo of dance and healing arts, bringing her brilliance to the MORE2Dance family!

Hailing from Elkhorn, WI., Ms. Colleen's journey began as a competitive gymnast for 4 years before embracing dance at age 13 at the Dance Factory with Tina Lendman. From those early steps, she bloomed into a dance sensation. 

Ms. Colleen's dance voyage led her through ballet and modern training at renowned institutions like the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the Dancespace NY, where she even earned scholarships. With over 14 years of professional dance expereince, she's adorned stages in Milwaukee, Chicago, Austin, and beyond, co-founding the esteemed Nomi Dance Company along the way. 

But Ms. Colleen's talents are not confined to the stage. With a passion for medicine and movement, she developed strength and conditioning programs for injurt prevention at dance studios across the Midwest and Texas. 

As a beacon of academia, Ms. Colleen shines even brighter. Armed with a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, she's a licensed acupuncturist and a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist by the American College of Sports Medicine. Her doctoral degree, master's degree in Acupuncture and Priental Medicine, and bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee testify to her academic prowess. 

With a decade of hospital and clinic experience, including the prestigious University of Chicago Medicine, Ms. Colleen's heart heats for the realms of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Stress Testing. 

Now, her dreams have led her to the scenic landscapes of Colorado. Ms. Colleen is ecstatic to join the MORE2Dance family, where she's all set to nurture the next generation of dancers in Eagle. From stages to studios, from healing to movement, Ms. Colleen's journey is an enchanting symphony of art and science. 

Claire Ewing 

Meet Ms. Claire, a dynamic force at the intersection of movement and personal branding. As the heart and soul behind Brand & Body Fit, a vibrant movement and branding agency nestled in the picturesque Vail Valley of Colorado, she is dedicated to the transformative power that emerges when your body is in motion and your personal brand is authentically cultivated. 

With a diverse background in yoga, arre, and dance, Ms. Claire seamlessly weaves the disciplines into a tapestry of holistic well-being. Her nourney as an E-RYT 500 CorePower Yoga trained instructor serves as the foundation for her classes, which are not just workouts, but empowering narratices that suppose the evolution of women both on and off their mats. 

Guided by the belief that movement is intrinsically linked to one's identity, Ms. Claire's teachings embrace strength and storytelling. Her energy-infused classes, imbues with passion and purpose, have resonated with countless individuals across the nation, reaching far beyonds physical boundaries through virtual platforms and international retreats. With Ms. Claire, movement becomes a medium to connect with your inner self, cultivate resilence, and celebrate the beautiful stories woven within you. 

Now, Ms. Claire's infectious enthusiasm and expertise find a new canvas at MORE2Dance. With a heart full of excitement, she steps into the role of a dedicated instructor, eager to ignite the love for movement within young hearts. Her unique blend of movement mastery and branding wisdom empowers the next generation oto embrace their individuality and express themselves confidently through dance. 

Join Ms. Claire in a journey that fuses movement and self-expression, where every step becomes an opportunity to not only move your body but also to shape your personal narrative. As she guides dancers of all ages to discover the joy of movement, Ms. Claire continues to champion the idea that the dance of life is a continuous exploration of the body, heart, and soul. 



Aubrey Graff

Meet Aubrey, a dance enthusiast with a heart full of passion ad a journey adorned with grace! Hailing from New Hampshire, her dance journey ignited at age 3 in a local ballet studio. While ballet was her cornerstone, she twilred through tap and jazz classes too. 

Brigham Young University became her dance haven, where she thrived with Theatre Ballet, BYU's prestigious touring ballet company. For 4 years, she graced stages across the Western United States, breathing life into iconic ballets like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella 

But Aubrey's dance horzions know no bounds. Ballroom dance beckoned, and she embraced it with the BYU Ballroom Company. From stages to competitions, she navigated the diverse world of dance, culmination in a BA in Dance upon graduation. 

Teaching became her next grand adventure. From local studios to the prestigious halls of BYU, Aubrey waltzed into the role of a mentor, sharing her love and knowledge with all ages. As life's chapters turned, Aubrey embarked on a new chapter as a mother and moved to the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado in 2021. Hiking and outdoor delights now color her days. 

Through it all, one constant remains: Aubrey's boundless love for teaching and sharing the magic of dance. With her wonderful husband Michael, and two younr explorers by her side, she's set to continue inspiring through movement and embracing the joy that dance brings. 

Hope Reyes

Meet Hope Reyes: a multifaceted dance instructor from Edison, New Jersey. With a magnetic blend of dance prowess, yoga expertise, and fitness acumen, Hope brings a wealth of experience to the dance floor. Her journey began with a triumphant graduation from the Mason Gross School of The Arts at Rutgers University in 2021, where she earned her B.F.A. in dance.

Hope's journey isn't confined to conventional dance studios alone; she's also a seasoned yoga teacher who earned her RYT 200 certification from the esteemed Om Factory School of Yoga in 2019. This fusion of disciplines enriches her teaching style, infusing her dance instruction with the fluidity and mindfulness that yoga embodies.

Venturing beyond borders, Hope embarked on an inspiring pilgrimage to Israel in 2019 to study under the luminaries of dance – members of the renowned Bat Sheva Company and the legendary Ohad Naharin. The immersive experience exposed her to a breathtaking array of genres, from Ballet and Modern to Contemporary, Improvisation, and the groundbreaking Gaga movement language. Her education extended beyond the classroom, as she delved into advanced repertory from prestigious companies such as Bat Sheva, Vertigo, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, and Fresco Dance.

Hope's performance credits are a constellation of brilliance. She has danced alongside Kiri Avelar of Ballet Hispánico, shared stages with Noa Tzuk of Vertigo Dance, and collaborated with Cleo Mack of Washington Rock Dance. Her exceptional artistry earned her the Marjorie J. Turner Choreography Award in 2021, a testament to her dedication and innovation.

Guided by an unswerving belief in the power of education, Hope aspires to instill discipline and technique in her students, empowering them to dream beyond bounds. Her nurturing approach creates a safe space for dreams to flourish, as she imparts unwavering support and encouragement to her students.

A lifelong learner, Hope seamlessly integrates her diverse training, melding dance and yoga expertise with a deep understanding of anatomy and nutrition. This alchemical fusion births classes that are as dynamic as they are creative, infusing energy into each movement.

Hope's personal mantra, "Let your curiosities be greater than your fears," serves as a guiding light in her life and teachings. With infectious passion, she kindles the flames of curiosity within her students, fostering an atmosphere of boundless exploration and liberation.

In the grand symphony of movement that Hope orchestrates, dancers aren't just learners; they are explorers of their bodies and souls. Join Hope's classes to embark on a transformative journey where movement knows no boundaries, and the only limit is the sky itself.

Shannon Melvin

Originally from Clinton, NC Shannon is no stranger to the dance world or competition scene. At the young age of 2, she joined her first dance class and hasn’t look back! She is trained in numerous styles such as Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, but Hip Hop and Jazz are her favorite.

During her dance career, she won multiple overall group and solo awards and has a few national championships under her belt. After high school, Shannon continued her education at Meredith College where she was a part of the Meredith Jazz and Tap Company. She obtained her degree in Dance Education at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has been teaching dance ever since! Shannon has been teaching dance for more than 5 years at studios in Fuquay-Variana, Benson, Clayton, and Knightdale. 


Colby Wilson

Meet Ms. Colby: Allow us to introduce Ms. Colby, a true embodiment of the dance spirit who has returned to her roots in the Vail Valley to share her profound passion for movement. With a lifelong love affair with dance that ignited at the tender age of three, Ms. Colby's journey has been one of dedication, growth, and an unrelenting commitment to her craft.

Having honed her skills across various studios in the Vail Valley during her formative years, Ms. Colby's dance journey took her to new heights at Elon University. There, amidst the hallowed halls of academia, she continued to fuel her dance fervor by engaging in ballet classes and assuming a pivotal role on the executive board of DanceWorks, a vibrant dance club. Her dedication and enthusiasm not only inspired her peers but also fueled her own journey of self-discovery through movement.

Ms. Colby's teaching odyssey began to unfold during her high school years, where she stepped into the role of a substitute ballet teacher. Her natural ability to connect with students and her profound understanding of the art form quickly led to her own ballet classes by senior year. This calling only grew stronger as she moved into her college years, where she continued to nurture and guide aspiring dancers by teaching weekly conditioning, ballet, and contemporary classes through DanceWorks.

In May 2020, Ms. Colby's academic chapter came to a close as she proudly graduated from Elon University, armed with a degree and an unyielding commitment to the world of dance. Now, back in the Vail Valley, she finds herself right where her heart belongs – at MORE2Dance. Her journey has come full circle as she steps into the role of a passionate instructor, eager to inspire the next generation of dancers with the same fire that has guided her throughout her life.

With Ms. Colby, every plié, pirouette, and leap becomes an invitation to explore the depths of movement and self-expression. Her infectious energy, honed skills, and genuine love for dance create an environment where students can flourish, grow, and find their own unique dance journey. Join Ms. Colby at MORE2Dance as she embarks on this new chapter, intertwining her passion for dance with the vibrant community that shaped her. Together, let's celebrate the beauty, artistry, and boundless joy of dance.



Tracy Hoff 

Tracy has been working in the accounting field for over 20 years. She is an integral part of making sure that MORE2Dance tuition systems are working flawlessly. Tracy loves spending time outdoors taking in our beautiful 6local scenery we call home!