Dance studio Eagle County Colorado
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Pop Up Dance Classes


Storytime & Dancing 
( Age 1 - 4) Monday

Enjoy a fun way to develop early literacy skills in young children with music, dancing, and stories. This drop-in weekly class for babies, toddlers, and their caregivers introduces dance while supporting cognitive and social development. During storytime that incorporate movement activities, children engage and explore words, sounds and text in unique and memorable ways. It is much easier to remember that the word “jump” begins with “J” after a child has heard, seen and danced the word. Joyful learning is memorable learning.


Jazzy Bug & Giggle Toes
(Walkers - Age 4) Tuesday and Thursday

For walkers to 4 years old - Packed with smiles, giggles and twirling bodies, this hour-long class teaches children the basics of dance while music and creative activities in the gym emphasize listening, taking turns, and following directions.